To find your, or ANYone's FaceBook ID number, go to their FB page. Rightclick in the profile picture (on some, you have to use the cover picture), Both dropdown menus above are using FireFox. However, choose the option which best resembles "Copy Link".  If you use Chrome, it will say, "Copy Link Address," and Internet Explorer says, "Copy Shortcut." Click in any chat window (if not friends, and don't have the option to write in that box, you can use any chat or message box. I've even used the search window above the page), then rightclick and select paste. You are not posting, you are only looking for a  number. It is the last set of numbers just before '&type='.  (To copy them to use in another link, simply drag your mouse across to highlight them, and select copy. You can now paste them anywhere, including to make a Farm Link.)