How to Post Link to Wall--Video, and Written Instructions

Creating Links 101 - Creating links for working farms, posting bonuses/ing requests, Fac/Clients on group walls.

***Video created and used with permission by Edward Tholl, YouTube's Professor FarmTown***


Find the Link you have posted to your Profile page, and right click the Link
According to which browser you use, you will see one of these drop-down
menus. Select the one that most closely matches one of these.

Go to the group wall, click in the Chat box. First, type in WHAT you are posting--then, add at least one SPACE (blue area). 
Now, rightclick next to the space, and select PASTE--your link will be in the box. Please take a minute to click on the "X" to
remove the ad and help save space. Finally click on POST!  There ya go, good luck!