The Ingredient Planner in the Facility Manager shows you all the ingredients and quantities needed to fill all your facilities.  Open the Facility Manager, then,click on the Notepad Icon to access the Planner.The Planner shows all the ingredients and quantities that are required to fill all
your facilities to capacity (15 days of production). The first number (brown) shown under the ingredient is the amount needed to fill all your facilities to capacity; if there is a red number, that is how much you are lacking for a full-capacity run.  When you hover your mouse over an ingredient, it shows you its name and the amount you have in storage.

(1)  There are three drop-down menus to select how and what you want displayed.  Using the first "Facilities" drop-down; you can select All Facilities--or narrow it down

further by selecting only Regular (production) Facilities, only Service Facilities, or any Individual Facility.

(2)  The "Remaining Capacity" menu shows the current capacity that you have available at the time. You can further specify time frames of one Day up to one Year.  These additional time frames allow you to project your future needs enabling you to plan crops/production to keep each individual facility running to capacity.

(3)  You can further tweak your planning using the third "By Missing" drop-down menu. Here, you can focus on products arranging them by what is Required (brown number) and Missing (the red number), and also sort them by Category (crops, from trees, animals, from facilities, etc.) or  by Name.
You can access the Ingredient Planner for each individual facility when you open it. Once open, click on the Notepad Icon.  You will get a new window showing 1) a link to "See what to make..." in that facility; 2) the same three drop-down menus/info as in the over-all Ingredient Planner; 3) a small Icon/picture of the facility--if you hover your mouse over this icon, it shows the facility name and how many you own; and 4) the icons for all ngredients and how many used to fill to 100% capacity. Hovering over each icon tells the name of the ingredient and how many you have in storage.