What are the Belt bonuses?

The belts add a way of getting bonus products in Farm Town. The belts have different colours for each Rank.  A new Belt for a product can be achieved by harvesting or producing that product a number of times.  The current Belt achieved for a product is shown in the store. If you mouse over the product icon you will see how many harvests are required to reach the next Belt.  Every time you or an employee harvest in your farm, the counter for the harvested product is incremented by one.   When you reach a new Belt, there will be more chances that in future harvests for that product you get an extra product.


What are the Dan bonuses?

Users on levels 150 and higher will be able to specialize even more on a Black Belt product by reaching different degrees of Black Belts, which are called Dans (ranks). This should give users in higher levels a bigger challenge, as achieving all 6 Dan degrees on a product is about 4 or 5 times harder than reaching all the 6 Belts. Crops and Trees also have a 7th Dan available.  Here are the benefits when reaching each Dan degree:

How do I know what belts I have?

To see what Belts/Dans you have achieved, go to your extended tool box and click the belt icon.


The window that opens up shows you 5 different categories of belts (seeds, trees, flowers, fish and products), and what belts you have achieved in them.

If you hover your mouse over a product, it will tell you how many of that product you currently have in storage, and also how many more are needed to achieve the next belt/dan.


How often can you post/collect a bonus?


Currently you can earn up to 1,000,000 coins every 12 hour from Ingredient Posts and another 1,000,000 coins every 12 hour from Bonus Posts. You can post 5 bonus belts in 12 hours. 

For users in higher levels, instead of 1,000,000 coins this limit will be increased as follows:



Levels 100-199 - 3,000,000 coins

Levels 200-299 - 4,000,000 coins

Levels 300-399 - 5,000,000 coins

Levels 400-499 - 6,000,000 coins

Levels 500- 599 - 7,000,000 coins

Levels 600 - 699 - 8,000,000 coins

Levels 700+ - 9,000,000 coins

Levels 800 - 899 -10,000,000 coins

Levels 900 - 999 - 11,000,000 coins

Levels 1000 - 1100 -12,000,000 coins

Leve;a 1100 + - 13,000,000 coins

Sometimes when collecting a bonus, you may get a message saying it has expired, there are a few reasons for this: 1. The post is over 24 hours old
2. You have already collected from that person in the last 12 hours
3. Both of you may have reached your 12 hour maximum
4. If the post is on group wall, the link may be broken