FarmTown One.Stop.Shop (FOSS)

FarmTown One.Stop.Shop is the website companion to our group FarmTown One.Stop.Shoppe--serving all our members with the most comprehensive FarmTown information, updates, tips and tricks to be found anywhere!  Have you ever wished you had more FT friends, could collect more bonuses,  ingredients, be able to work more Facs, and have more people work yours? Well this is the group for you! With over 10,000 members, you will never lack for help or helpers!  Our Admin team is on almost 24/7 just for YOU!  So whatcha waiting on? Join in and have some fun--and invite all your farming friends to join us!



1. Admin are regular FarmTown players who enjoy helping and sharing information with other players.
2. Only FarmTown or Slash/Key related posts are allowed on the group wall. Accepted links include any from the FarmTown One.Stop.Shop website or Slashkey. All other posts or links will be removed; and if a member persists in posting non acceptable links, they will be removed from the group.
3. You may request friends in group, but do not use large coloured posts: ALL coloured posts will be removed.


You may post bonuses, ingredient requests, facility work requests and request for farm work. However, we DO have rules to follow when posting.

a. Bonuses may be published separately, or all together in the same post--they may NOT be combined with ANY other post.
b.   Ingredient requests may be published separately, or all together in the same post--they may NOT be combined with ANY other post.
c. Facs and Clients may be posted separately OR together. However, they may NOT be combined with ANY other post.
d. Asking for farm workers on the wall IS permitted. Group rules state that you tell exactly what the work involves. How many farms have Chopping, Shaking, Flowers, HP...and if the HP is layered. 3x, 9x, etc. If you have fishing, state whether the Turbo Boat is required.  If you have tools available, state that also.  After you have posted, please wait a MINIMUM of 5 minutes for a response before cancelling your request.
e.   Please do not use short links on group wall as some of these take you away from Facebook and we cannot guarantee members safety. 
All members can collect bonuses and ingredients. However, you do need to be Facebook Friends, though not FarmTown Neighbours, to work Facilites or to send gifts. It is permitted to ask for friends on the group wall.
5. All posts must be labelled clearly as per (How to post your links). This helps other members know what they are clicking on and helps you get a better response.
6. Please do not comment on posts or apply stickers , this unfairly brings old posts up to the top of the page and pushes new ones further down. It also takes up additional space on the wall
7. Any member who is rude or disrespectful to another member, or who blocks an admin will be removed from group without notice.