FISHTrick Using Employee!

Fish TRICK! Works for YOU, or you AND your employee!
This will work even if you hire a neighbor or buddy. However, the BEST benefit is to hire someone who is neither...THEY get the
CHEST, and you get the extra bonuses.  To start, make the fish farm your Default farm.

[To do this alone, skip the 'hire' part, and do each step yourself. It still works!  1) Make your farm the default, 2) Fish the ponds with the FISHING ROD, 3) Reload your farm using "Play," 
4) Fish the ponds with the BOAT, 5) Move the ponds with one of the HANDS, 6) Reload farm with "Play".  Now, BOAT, MOVE, BOAT, MOVE to your heart's content!]

You and your EMPLOYEE meet first on your farm, then you both head  to the INN where you will hire him. You both click on the Map Icon,  then, The Inn 'barrel' Icon.

Once at the Inn, you will hire your employee to 'fish' and then select the fish farm which you have made the Default farm.

After hiring your employee, be sure to select "Great,
thanks. I'll go with you." to follow your employee back
to your farm.
( 1 )  Employee will first exchange the boat for the Fishing Rod in the Toolbox.  Then he will use it to click ONLY ONCE in each water you want to multi-fish.   You can do them all, or only the FC waters.

( 2 )  After he is done, YOU will reload your farm by clicking on "Play."

( 3 )  After your farm has reloaded, EMPLOYEE selects the "Boat"
from the Toolbox. He now fishes those same ponds using the boat.

( 4 )  YOU selct either of the Freestyle "Hands," and move each of the ponds to a different spot...doesn't have to be far, moving slightly will be fine.  (It also works if you select 'move' if you don't have the hand!)

( 5 )  YOU again reload your farm using the "Play" tab.

( 6 )  EMPLOYEE fishes again, still using the boat...and the CHEST BONUS increases each time you do this!

You can REPEAT Steps 4, 5 and 6 as often as you wish--Owner's fish supply increasing each time; and Employee's CHEST-- bonus coins, xp, and products earned--also increasing each time!

*Some have successfully skipped step 5 after the 2nd reload.  Good luck!!